Kelly Regan, Regan Homes LLCAs a young boy I was always fascinated with the construction processes. I grew up watching my father build new homes and commercial buildings, sometimes riding to work with him excited to spend the day “working” on site. Each time I would pick up valuable bits of knowledge that have stayed with me my entire life. Although he sometimes tired of the endless “how” and “why” questions I believe he truly enjoyed sharing his knowledge with me in the hopes that some day I would follow in his foot steps as a builder. Some 45 years later those experiences are the foundation of my building knowledge in the construction field. Yes, I did follow in his foot steps, I think he would be proud of Regan Homes today.

One of those valuable lessons was attention to detail and that is why I personally oversee every aspect of your custom home construction from the initial design to the final finishing touches. Master craftsmanship and in-depth after sales service ensure complete satisfaction with your new custom home and home builder.

My commitment to perfection & quality is evident in the superior craftsmanship, architectural detailing, and unique designs built into each custom home I build. My dedication ensures that outstanding quality will be built into every new Regan Home.

Kelly Regan, Regan Homes LLC